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Processing and storing of umbilical cord tissue

Processing begins immediately after measuring the length of the received umbilical cord. Isolation of the tissue part rich in mesenchymal stem cells (Wharton’s jelly) is performed under very strictly supervised and sterile conditions. Next, we proceed according to the Basic or the Premium Service:

  • BASIC service: we freeze the segment rich in mesenchymal stem cells in 4 separate vials.
  • PREMIUM Service: we isolate and identify the segment rich in mesenchymal stem cells using the special procedure developed by the Fami Cord Group. The process takes at least 5 weeks and 5 separate vials are used for the final storage.

We apply world-level protocol in processing

Based on an agreement between KRIO Institute Ltd. and the Polish Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych S.A. (PBKM Institute with headoffice in: Poland, Warsaw, Grzybowska ul. 2/41.) your sample will be processed, unnder the professional guidance of the PBKM Institute, according to the world-level protocols developed by the PBKM Institute. It guarantees highest possible level of quality assurance requirements in a laboratory accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), which is identical to the one owned by the KRIO Institute Ltd.

We are happy to announce that with a Polish-Hungarian cooperation umbilical cord cells have saved life for the first time in Central Europe READ MORE

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