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All the following extra services included

  • Process tailor made to your sample

We process UCB samples in a closed system, manually and, hence, have the opportunity to correct errors made during sample collection – a possibility precluded by completely automated systems. Fortunately, only a small percentage of collected samples is affected by blood cloths or pieces of tissue. Nevertheless, we lay much emphasis on eliminating them, because the non-homogeneous nature of inadequately prepared samples interferes with the process of deep freezing.

  • Storing all your sample – 2 freezing bags

The volume of an increasing proportion of collected umbilical cord blood samples exceeds 120 ml (anticoagulant included). Samples of larger volume are stored in two freezing bags. Storage using two bags does not represent additional costs for the parents, however, it makes two applications possible!

  • Correct and detailed information – no false hope

We ask laboratories to perform classical microbiological tests of growing cell cultures (complete number of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, number of moulds and yeasts). The results of such tests show clearly whether, accidentally, the conditions of harvesting the sample were inadequate. If further tests confirm the positive results of microbiological tests, we inform the parents and ask a haematologist to issue an expert opinion on the possible use of the respective samples.

  • Additional virologic and bacteriologic tests

We are the only institution where the service includes virologic and bacteriologic testing (for syphilis) of the blood drawn from the mother during childbirth. If these tests show the presence of certain problems, we inform the parents immediately, and in this manner the mother receives more complete information on her state of health. We test for: hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, CMV (HCMV) and syphilis. Serological testing for CMV (cytomegalovirus) is no part of classical care during pregnancy, although if seronegative mothers get infected during their pregnancy, the occurrence of foetal damage is very likely.

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